Goals & Experience

Our aim is to identify potential value in the real estate sector and to ensure successful, long-term development for all parties involved. MINERVA builds on a wealth of experience, competent partners and not least of all customer satisfaction from over 20 years of a successful company history.
With a variety of projects in our portfolio, we stand not only for prudent profit orientation and efficiency in the respective stages of development of a real estate project, but also for high standards in dealing with urban planning, architectural and historic preservation issues.


Reliable Project Partnerships

As an owner-managed company, we are not only service providers but often are also involved as a co-investor and partner on projects. We take an entrepreneurial and integrated approach to the selection of our projects as well as to their structuring and financing.
Trustworthy project partnerships are the foundation of our corporate philosophy and our history, be it in the investment phase, transaction phase or management phase of our joint project.